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the smog that blankets the country. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." people in china have been dealing with high levels of pollution day in and day out. they know that the air isn't good for them. now they say that it could trigger serious health problems. researchers at the chinese academy of sciences studied the atmosphere in beijing and tianjin and hebei province. they detected particles of an organic compound that generates photo chemical smog. it causes various health problems including eye irration and respiratory issues. chinese people have just come back from the lunar new year holiday. traffic is increasing and factories are once again operating at full capacity. many say they are worried by the situation. >> translator: i have a sore throat already. i know that pollution is serious out here. >> translator: i can't stand going outside without a mask on. >> experts have called for urgent measures to contain the air pollution. they include tightening controls on vehicle's exhausts and equipping factories to remove pollutants from smoke. officials in japan are closely monitoring
of europe, japan, china and south korea. next on booktv. this is a little over an hour. [applause] >> okay. first of all, it's great to be back at the japan society, and we enjoy our relationship that way. tokyo, for the mcgraw-hill companies, has been the headquarters of our asia pacific operations for 25 years now, and we enjoy a terrific relationship and a lot concern in a lot of different ways. one of many by colleagues is with me, doug peterson, who just joined us from citi, and he is heading up standard & poor's ratings, and we welcome you, doug. and doug has lived with citi all over the world and as such as lived quite a bit of time in japan itself. so it's great to be with you tonight as well, doug. let's see, in terms of this whole notion of the book, you know, by the way, it's a very modest title, banker to the world. [laughter] you know, when i heard of this -- and i'm a very close personal friend of bill's, like everybody in this room is, and so when testifies talking to me about this -- when he was talking to me about this concept of what he wanted to write about, lessons of d
. they plan to have more than 1500 cafes in china by 2015. that is the latest from the fox business network, giving you the power to prosper much. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪ to help you not just to stay alive... but feel alive. the new c-class iso exception. it's a mercedes-benz throu and through. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. tracy: breaking news. colleagues at the "wall street journal" reporting officemax and office depot are in talks o merge. sources say the talks are fluid and could still fall apart. shares of both are up really nicely in the past year. and of course you definitely want to catch those names in tomorrow's open. man, officemax up almost 87% over the last year. ashley: that's impressive no doubt. tracy: selling a lot of post-its. ashley: it is. get your motor running. it is the final day of presidents weekend and automakers count on good weather for big customer turnout. over 12% february sales come from this weeke
a working together is - the boy tech companies are calling san francisco home. through china s f we have attracted you 15 companies from china. we we're expanding public partnership to china and asia and othe and others companies >> our record 4 four and a half million passengers floosz san francisco airport in 2012 up 8 percent last year with more expected in this year 2013. >> that's why we have to work together for the center and the budgeted committee will be taking up this week and we'll be competing with alaska and others large cities for trade shows. yes. but our economic recovery or our economic progress is not just taking place to mission bay or our own downtown i can see it in our commercial corridors and commissioner kim knows that no where that our neighbors are more deserving to the makts place. not even two years ago we offered a break for our payroll tax for businesses who agents to move in and create more jobs. this area in downtown has resisted growth. the results in two years time have been great. room for 5 thousand seven hundred jobs and behold now we're seeing the
to the china advocacy. last year we have people who have a limited english language we want to obtain information for these people. in 70 an estimated 44 percent speak a language other than england more like chinese and russian and other languages. it's important for you our local agencies to effective community during a sdrafrs. especially we want to thank the organizations that the district that are advocating language assess. also i think a lot of my colleagues i've been seeing at the chinese festival we began celebrating already but if i want more information there's a great website you can assess and it's called chinese parade.com. but it shows everything from china down to the upcoming china ms. pageant and to the new years eve but i look forward to celebrating the year of the snack. i think my daughters favorite part is the lucky money that comes to kids to who are not married. there's many events going on all over the city. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam clerk. i'm introducing a couple of requests today first is the hearing sponsored
joining us. >>> up next "on the money," over came china's cultural revolution to become a star of america's >>> our entrepreneurs born or made? my next guest tells a remarkable story of innovation. she remade her own life, surviving a difficult youth in mao's china and american technology pioneer. king few is author of the memoir "bend not break." ping, great to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> so pleased to be here, maria. >> the memoir is actually a page turner. we were so looking forward to ha having you. it's been quite a journey. beginning with being sent to a labor camp at age 8 where you cared for your younger sister and suffered significant abuse. tell us a bit about what it was like during china's cultural revolution. children being taken from their parents to be re-educated. can you bring us into that a bit? >> yeah. it started in 1966 when mao said we didn't need academic education. we need to learn from farmers, worker, and soldiers. so all of us got -- in the school age, didn't go to school. and the country turned into chaos. there was red guards, which are
taster. in china, it's the first trading day market in the new year of the snake. so will it be new year old problems? up next from hong kong, we'll have the latest analysis. >> did you just slither? also, the final week of campaigning in italy ahead of the general elections. we will be live in milan throughout the morning for a roundup of the candidates policies and pit falls. julia will join us for that. >>> and hear state from the finance ministers. we have a roundup of the g-20 meeting in moscow. >> and london fashion week is under way and international expansion seems to be the latest trend. we'll hear from top designers who are putting their foot forward on the global runway. >>> first, standard & poors says it wants more time to gauge shinzo abe's rating policies. s&p says recent policies could reflat japan's economy. but the government's books will continue to be weighed down by heavy debt. that's even if plans go ahead to raise a sales tax. there's a one in three chance of a downgrade this fiscal year. this is as the japanese prime minister shinzo abe says he will consider chang
resigning, this kind of nixon to china move almost. and it was natural that there was no real plan for what you would do with a pope emeritus. so, for security reasons, and a lot of other reasons, i think it made sense that he should live inside the vatican, at least at first. but i think it is going to become a problem down the road, especially if he continues to write and to publish some of his writings. >> david, one of those that's mentioned from time to time as a possible pope is the archbishop of new york, timothy dolan. is there anything to that, do you think? >> i think it's a great story. don't think it's going to happen. >> okay. our thanks to father tom reese of the woodstock theological center at georgetown university and to david gibson of religion news service. we want to revisit now a story we ran some years ago on the process the cardinals follow when they choose a new pope. you will notice some familiar faces that look a little younger but were just as knowledgeable and helpful then as they are today. again, kim lawton. ♪ >> in the gospel of matthew, jesus says his discip
like drugs, stolen by thugs, and threatened by inferior imports from china. >> he found one already? where, where, where? where? he found one? oh, my god. oh, smell that. in the beautiful italian province of perugia, truffle hunters roam the frosty hills with their trained dogs, who sniff out these lumpy mushrooms when they're ripe, one at a time, as they have for centuries. wow. truffles grow wild, underground, usually at the base of an oak tree. [pig snorts] they used to use pigs, but they ate the truffles. >> very rich american people, they only see truffles on the table of a very elegant restaurant. they don't see this. now you know why they are expensive, right? >> olga urbani may be the only person in the world who goes truffle hunting in a full-length fur coat and a caribbean tan. but in the truffle business, she can pretty much do what she wants. olga. >> yeah. >> her company, urbani, controls 70% of the world's truffle trade. >> when you find the truffles, it's like to have a miracle. >> another one. other countries, including the u.s., have tried cultivating truffles with
legacy. thank you >> thank you. moving on >> we request china 13 caffeine and making the ports conference for the support staff. >> i'm sorry commissioner adams your recusing yourself from this. and you should make the motion to recuse >> i move that we recuse commissioner all these. >> now we go back to actually is there any public comment 1, 2, 3, 4. we go back to approve the commissioner to attend the china conference. >> so not. >> second. >> all in favor? resolution 1302 has passed. moving on >> item 10 a presentation on real estate and maritime revenues for the first quarter of 2012 and 13. >> good afternoon, commissioners aim nate with the real estate division i'm here with my colleagues to present the revenue that came 2012 and 13. without getting into all the details we'll just talking about some of the highlights. our vacancy rate is incredible low compared to our history as the market as a whole and it's due to the supply and demand side. the demand suicides has come up from the economy improving. and some tenants have been displaced who have taken up other p
," the entrepreneur who became china's consult cultural revolution to become a star of america's capitalism. ping fu will join me. >> this is a 3d printed shoe. [ indistinct conversations ] [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know it, but your mouth is under attack. food particles infiltrate and bacteria proliferate. ♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it. >>> are entrepreneurs born or made? my next guest tells a remarkable story of innovation. she remade her own life, surviving a difficult youth in mao's china and american technology pioneer. ping fu is author of the memoir "bend not break." ping, great to have you on the program. thanks for joining us. >> so pleased to be here, maria. >> the memoir is actually a page turner. we were so looking forward to having you. it's been quite a journey. beginning with being sent to a labor camp at age 8 where you cared for your younger sister and suffered significant abuse. tell us a bit about what it was like dur
not want it. dagen: this oil will go to china. it will be refined there with much looser environmental standards on refineries in that nation. not to make fun of our northern neighbors, but do you really want to make this country mad? canada has made it clear that it could retaliate against the u.s. do we need to be worried about this? >> that is a great question. they are part of nafta. most of americans do not realize that our number one trading partner is not china, it is canada. i just really do not understand the rationale of not building this. it was the first reason that president obama gave. now, i see no reason, other than kowtowing to the very radical environmentalists and not bringing this to america. dagen: thank you very much. steve moore from the "wall street journal." thanks again. >> thank you, dagen. dagen: let's take a look at the u.s. dollar. trading down versus other major currencies today. agreeing not to target the exchange rates of world currencies. concerns that competitive devaluation could spark a currency war. let's just say, g20 kind of poo-poo'd this. are w
of the companies already know that they have game players in china and japan, but also, clout computing, all the technology breakthroughs have international capacity. i think that is why we need a regional approach. that is why i am here, to make sure we protect our hetch hetchy water system. that creates the standard of living that we want, that keeps people here. that is why we have regional transport systems. whatever companies do not come here could end up going to europe or japan or china. we want them to maybe have their headquarters here in the bay area. >> is there one regional issue that elected officials across the region could focus on? if we are back here 12 months from now, i am able to ask you the question -- here is what you said 12 months ago and here is where we are now. is there one thing? >> i think it will be transportation. we have to make that infrastructure investment. we have to get our federal and state government more aligned. i know jerry is a big fan of our high speed rail, but we have to turn the corner on that. for us, in san francisco, a third of our flights ou
know, even china told them not to go ahead with another test, so i guess what more sanctions do anything? what can the u.n., the international community do? >> well, there has to be a pay back for what north korea just did with this underground nuclear test. yes, more sanctions, but the key is going to be china china really has not done as much as they should in terms of curbing food and fuel. i think they'll be up against the wall and they probably will take that step. i think as you said, chris, after these additional sanctions, what next? we can't continue to isolate north korea because they have nuclear weapons. they have a million and a half men in arms. they have missiles. they're a danger in northeast asia. so what needs to happen is a new kind of diplomacy, new kind of dialog. i think south korea, the new leadership in china and south korea in the region needs to step up with the united states and develop a credible diplomatic strategy, one that involves north korea saying to them, look, this nuclear path is going to be totally against your interests. let's find ways to
for themselves. the worst is bill clinton because he signed a free-trade agreement with china. host: nafta? caller: not that. the free-trade agreement with china that gave china most- favored-nation trading status that allowed all of our jobs to go to china. host: richard says that bill clinton was his least favorite. our first caller said that bill clinton was his favorite. on january 23, 1996, here is president clinton during his last state of the union address from his first term. [video clip] >> we know government does not have all the answers. we know there's not a program for every problem. [applause] we know and we have worked to give the american people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in washington. we have to give the american people one that lives within its means. [cheers and applause] the era of big government is over. [cheers and applause] but we cannot go back to the time when our citizens or left to fend for themselves. [cheers and applause] instead we must go forward as one america, one nation working together to meet the challenges we face together. self-reliance a
... to move oil around, is the best approach. to move that oil to the west and send it to china on tankers that are fueled by diesel, it leaves a much greater carbon footprint. in addition, that oil will make it to the united states, whether there's a keystone pipeline or not. in the event it makes it to the united states it will come by other forms of transportation which are far less energy-efficient, thus deepening that footprint. >> woodruff: you're saying it would go to other countries and then come... >> i would say there are two options. it's either going to go to china or come to the united states. in either event the carbon footprint will be deeper. the further point about whether or not an oil pipeline somehow endangers the land which it crosses i think has been asked and answered so many times it's no longer a relevant consideration. look, the map of the united states is literally a spider web of oil and product pipelines. >> woodruff: you're saying already. >> already. the fact of the matter is the chances of sustaining a spill of oil out of an oil pipeline is 1 quarter the amo
to a healthy start this morning for the annual 10k run through china town. and even through some of their most historic districts that began here, ending up through north beach and the financial district. as they serve hundreds of families. >> roberta is joining us right now. good thing they had a run today. >> we could call it a run. i participated in the past and it's a race. people get to the finish line as they really want to finish first. it's for a great cause and what a great day to run. we had idealistic weather and tonight we're tumbling very quickly with the clear skies. 45 degrees at livermore. what do you see behind there? >> the beautiful bay bridge lights. that's spectacular. san jose 48 degrees. after a high temperature well into the 60s. 3 degrees above normal for this time of the year where we should be about 60 in san jose. and san francisco with a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. approaching 70 at fairfield. it was 70 at kentfield. now tonight bottoming out for santa rosa to 40 degrees. interrupting the rose garden district of santa clara and 45 degrees in oakland and r
benghazi -- next it will be lost china, who prpromoted and is from captain to major? joe mccarthy will find out about it. >> go ahead, charles. >> and have as long a list of endorsements as you want and leave your lying eyes. -- believe your lying eyes. it is less about ideology or any thing is about competence. there's a democratic senator quoted after that disasters day of hearings in which hagel did not even understand what containment of iran and -- he said, "chuck hagel will not be bringing the potato salad to next week's to connect." -- next week's pettitte." he had a performance that was a total embarrassment. you talk about discipline among republicans? the discipline among democrats .s shocking and embarrasseing his performance was so bad that at the end he said, "don't worry, senators, i will not be a decision maker at all, don't worry about me." here is a guy who wants to be secretary of defense who does not want to make decisions. it is the democrats who are embarrassed and no eight. >> i will tell you what is disciplined -- right wing talk radio, right wing websites and publica
, animal de madagascar pero ahora vive en zoologico de china, es un lemur, hay 17 en ese lugar, por años vivieron tranquilo por lo que aumentaron de peso, entonces remodelaron el zoo para que hagan más ejercicios >> vienen el noticiero nacional univisión nos vemos >> domingo 17 de febrero y esta son las principales noticias, después de años y luchas la bloguera cubana sale de la isla. >> arrasador triunfo. >> se calienta el debate político y los republicanos dicen que el borrador de la casa blanca no tiene futuro en el congreso. >> controversia en la elección del futuro papa. >> vamos con la información. este es su noticiero univisión fin de semana, con felix y lourdes ramos . >> muy buenas tardes, bienvenidos a noticiero univisión fin de semana,comenzamos con el viaje de campaña bñpguera cubana, salio de viaje por 10 días . >> ligero de equipaje parafreasenando al poeta español dijo, añadio que quería conectarse a internet y que lo más importante del mudn lo lleva en su cabeza. >> quiero conectarme a internet sin censura, sin funcionarios . >> el régimen de la haba
francisco china can town, financial district and north beach. the new year run started at 8:00 this morning. you can see the runners on the embarcadero. shut down several streets and caused some gridlock. parparticipanted ranged from the serious to silly. >> another lady is from the seem group we are. >> just cheering us on. that was the best part. getting to the finish line. it's not easy. >> ama: runners hen headed 0 a festival. the race winner were announced and everybody celebrated the year of the snake. and fortunately it was today before the weather gets cold. >> leigh: you're exactly right. just hanging on to the nice sunshine we're seeing out there right now. because, yeah, feels like spring the past four or five days. winter returns tomorrow and tuesday. the live doppler 7 hd showing you clear sky out there right now. here's another look at another vantage point from the high definition mt. tamalpais camera, and all of us down four or five degrees. santa rosa, 65. concord, 65. 63 in san jose. and monterey, only 55 degrees. more of an onshore wind component today. right now, san fra
have real war games. we have real wars. china, u.s. irkse ran. -- iran. >> i think of a movie version of "homeland." war on terror over the last 10, 12 years, who are the people making decisions of what we have given up and gained in terms of safety. >> i want to see "the security" the movie. matters hugely, "supreme court the movie" give us the health care bill or bush v gore. mandy and antonin scalia and all kinds of good stuff behind the scenes and americans would see it. chris: they did it back the 1954 case. >> long time ago. chris: grave movie. thanks to great round table. and that's the you can't move the tv there. yuh-huh. we have a wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible.
of federal fund and the trade in china we learned is exceeding the united states so the west coast ports are going to be more and more important. we've got to carry the message to our political leaders >> so i did take notes on the items you asked for commissioner. do we have any new business >> any new business or public comments. francisco i know you listed yourself for other comments >> the reason i came here for public comments and because of my past history i have to comment. so one of the things missing in this presentation and or issues. some of the toongz have been removed. you should revisit to find out what that can do. and on port proprieties when had pollution in our base and we have to understand those things. we can talk about pier, however, we want to. we know there are some ammonia places. we have to look at it in this way we know that one time for over 10 thousand years the people kept this area press tin and somebody came in over here and polluted this area. we need to pay attention to environmental issues. so our children and our youth, our elders have to get the be
. that's because in ancient china, dragons were honored for being wise and caring. the parade celebrated the chinese new year and the 101st anniversary of the founding of chinatown. president obama's an avid golfer.. and today, he teed off for a round with tiger woods. the president is on a three- day golf getaway in florida.. while first lady michelle obama and their daughters, sasha and malia, are skiing in colorado. the president and woods played together for the first time today at a club in palm city. woods is currently ranked number two in the world. yesterday, the president got some instructional tips from woods' former swing coach, butch harmon. it is a good day to be bruce willis... >> his latest action thriller ... a good day to die hard... was the number-one movie earning $25 million. it is expected to approach 40 million when presidents day weekend ticket sales are told up tomorrow. here are some of the other box office winners... introducing new febreze stick & refresh with command strips from 3m. designed to stick and eliminate odors anywhere. like this overflo
court, and that means that the u.s., france, britain, russia, and china, have to agree, and what's going to be a problem maybe is what will russia do? bay they traditionally have been tied to the current syrian government. what will china do? so it's still not a done deal. but very powerful u.n. investigator, karla del pointe, win after and mill lows victim indicted. >> shep even if you were able to get the russians on board and they would say, yes, war crimes on both sides, what does that do to stop the killing? >> well well, the internal court has a great holly pulpit. it doesn't have the able to stop the killings. that's up to the security council the permanent members, and my hope, shep, is that -- i would like to see -- i think u.s. policy has been good, but maybe the time has come to help the other side, the opposition groups, the rebels, with some weaponry, some training. >> shepard: is that what you're advocating? >> i think we need to step up to that plate now. i think the atrocities are so huge, there's talk of chemical weapons being used. i just think the time has come to turn
. they are not going to keep it in the ground if we don't input it. it will go to china. say said so. it has zero effect on the climate, global warming whatever you want. the fact that obama is still mulling over there -- i understand last year he wanted to hold the left wing base. he wanted re-election. but now? after he has won re-election? it shows how -- if he refuses it, which i think is possible, it will show how partisan considerations way outweigh the national interest. it would be shocking. >> bret: secretary kerry, now secretary of state, said an announcement will come in the near term saying it won't be long. near term is what he said, juan. how do you think it will go? >> i think they are leaning toward approving it. i think it's a real disappointment for that is the case for so many people, young people who pour in to town over the weekend to proto protest this. they are concerned about the climate change and the gases that are emitted. charles says it's a fact anyway even if he doesn't approve it, but when you say it's a dirty process that we are talking about extracting it from the
so much that it makes the u.s. more competitive. watch out, china. of course the president opposes fracking, but the impact on businesses dramatic. lower wages, fuelling the renaissance. our labor backed president does not go for that either. take a look at the states that have seen the biggest creation of manufacturing jobs. it is interesting because a lot of these states are not friendly to government's interference, like taxes. there is also a right to work state, indiana. tennessee, south carolina, washington, places where government has succeeded by standing of the weight. that is the path we should follow. prepared to be dazzled as we go behind the scenes of new york's fashion week with designers. and does it feel like you will never retire? some people think rich people are better off but a new survey has surprising details. ♪ friday night, buddy. you are gonna need a wingman. and with my cash back, you are money. forget him. my airline miles will take your game worldwide. what i'm really looking for is -- i got two words for you -- re-wards. ♪ there's got to be better
he wrote sitting in a cave in northern china after the long march, working so intently that he didn't notice that a fire from a candle was burning a hole in his sock. and what mao emphasized is has ea famously -- he famously said, the people are like wear water, and the army is like fish. he said it was essential to keep the closest possible relations with the common people, that a guerrilla force had to be extremely cognizant of earning the support of the public upon whom-operating. he gave instructions to his soldiers to be courteous and polite and establish latrines a safe distance from people's houses. now believe me, this was not something the huns worried about thousands of years before. their idea of public relations was simply killing as many people as they possibly could as gruesomely as they possibly could. but mao understand in this new age you had to pay attention to public opinion, and that's something that has been incredibly influential ever since. it's especially been influential, even more so, with terrorist organizations. because terrorism as the anarchists said in
-span's programs are also available as podcasts. >> the communism of china is basically communism only in name these days, preserving the power of the members of the communist party. they basically through -- threw their ideology aside. they talked in length about marxism and leninism, etc., but as i say, it is all about preserving their power as they continue to grow. they got rid of most of the vestiges of communism all long time ago. in north korea, it is all about preserving the kim dynasty. it really does not have anything to do with what karl marx envisioned as communism. communism when it moved into asia, it diverged into something different than the communists and that appeared in europe. that is an absolutely fascinating split. >> 34 years of reporting with keefe richburg, next sunday at 8:00. >> next, david cameron takes questions from members of the house of commons. after that, ed miliband. and then another chance to see "q&a," with the former director of the nixon library. on the next "washington journal," talking about second terms of u.s. presidents, and the congressional resear
online. >> china is communism in name only these days. it is to preserve the power of the members of the communist party. the basically threw a lot of the ideology aside. it has now become a capitalistic society. communism now, they talk in great lengths about leninism and everything, but it is all about preserving the party's power economically as they grow. they threw -- the throughway the vestiges of coming as a long time ago. in north korea, is about preserving the power of the military and the kim dynasty. it has nothing to do with what karl marx envisioned as communism laid-back. if somebody did a fascinating book about communism and how it merged into asia in vietnam and north korea. the cabalism in the eastern european countries, that is a passing split. >> 34 years of reporting and insight from around the world, next sunday at 8:00 on c-span2 n/a." >> next, david cameron takes questions at the house of commons. after that, a house hearing with two military nominees. then the annual state of the indian nation speech by the president of the national congress of american ind
to compete with china. they are investing in natural resources. of they put more troops in africa but we have troops in iraq and afghanist it will backfire because we wi go bankrupt the that is not the way to influence people. >> we have a large of a young audience who has questions i left out somebody named ray and paul is see as a libertarian as you? >> he is the most libertarian in the senate to. and has been exposed to all the good ideas but i will not do a comparison. >> how are you doing tonight? my question is what did you learn running for president? >> you should have enough people double checking the of votes to get a fair shake. liberty is alive ad well and i just love the fact young people wilrespond to a libertarian message response, responsibility, so und money to have a different form policy not looking for wars to fight. i learned the country is a lot better off than it was. but it did turn out i met a significant number. >> i have a question. we have four more years of obama and christine his record what will it take for obama supporters to protest like when the last republic
don't have enough help. >> i have a group in town down and china town and the north tunnel. [inaudible] the graffiti we abate everything is coming up to the areas now. >> i'm willing to take it on. i think -- >> you are telling me you are ready for this? >> i think so. >> okay. >> there you go. >> all right. >> all right. >> ready to do it. let's go. >> want to get the gray signses this over here and the garbage can and normally we don't do private property since it's on the corridor route you can come with me we will use black. >> we had a lot of changes in the graffiti unit. we do private property if someone moved we remove it and send it to the attorney's office and they take appropriate action. >> damage their property there. it's important to write the color in case they want to say what part of our house you abated the graffiti on. >> using your safety glasses the gloves. >> you got it. >> you know some places we gashi, people appreciate that. you know, a lot of timeses they say, thank you. >> the time where it's visible. a lot of people put it on the g
of a performance? >> which one is the perfect balance, you want if to be performance and fight. >> china has been fighting to get its national sport in the olympics for more than a decade. and this year the international olympics committee will consider adding wushu to the summer games of 2020. al bender has been the master teacher at a kung fu academy for more than 30 years. he says wushu is like another high-flying olympic sport gymnastics. >> you watch gymnastics. you get that wow factor. am i going to get that when i watch wushu. >> are you absolutely going to get that wow factor. you may get more because there are weapons. and those weapons are moving very very fast. >> reporter: but in order for wushu to be in the olympics wrestling which dates back to the olympic of ancient greece might be out. could it be that wrestles has become borg? the ioc cited a report that showed low tv ratings fewer internet hits and shrinking global coverage. wrestling isn't quite down for the count. it can get back in the 2020 games but has to beat out six other sports including wushu. >> there are teams all ove
than 1,000 people took over the streets of china town for the ymca 35th annual 5k run and walk. this year's event will help fund the physical education programs. >> not a lot of people know about obesity and the chinese community are very poorty. it'll a good way to bring that to our community. >> some people dressed as the slithery star of the new year. >>> that celebration continues next weekend in san francisco with the big chinese new year parade. it is the largest celebration of chinese culture outside of asian. it features floats and costumes dating back to the 1850s. you can see it here saturday starting at 6:00 p.m. >>> the nba all star game lives up to its ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, you...love. >>> good evening everyone welcome to there late sunday n
company, has installed 1500 robots in nearly 50 countries including china. but not likely to outsource repetitive electronics work at factories such as foxconn - at least, not yet. "in my eyes, it's probably not quite there yet. there are still some breakthroughs in this type of collaborative robot that need to happen to bring it to that type of level." another development, visual capabilities: the r&d that went into smartphone technology is now being applied to robots. "vision technology is continuing to increase. we are getting into color sensing now. we are getting into using vision systems for inspection, where we can see damaged packages." advancing technology in the workplace has also magnified the job shortage in america. according to researchers at mit, they say during the last recession, 1 in 12 people in sales lost their jobs. meanwhile, corporate spending on equipment and software related to sales has increased 26% since the end of the recession. temp and contract employment is expected to hit an all-time high this year. that's according to the american staffing association
is on the mission rock project. the project is along the where thefront in china basin park. it's right next to at&t park. it will take up pier 48 and parking lot a. the plan is almost complete on the land owned by the giants. the idea, turn the parking lot and that desolate area into housing for 2,000 people for residents and to be -- and jobs for 7,000 for jobs. the port commission still has to approve the project. but this is a sketch of the chronicle about how the urban village will look. there are also reports in the chronickicle that the -- chronicle that the commission is close to signing off the deal. the giants also says this will be good reeve knew for the team to help pay for rising stars. and there are still environmental impact hurdles to cross. the finish site, still likely seven more years away. pam cook, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> the bay area market for townhouses and condos is womaning -- booming. realtors say buyers are fighting for a limited amount of new and previously-owned condos. investors have snapped up a lot of them -- and are renting them out. median prices
it into the magazine. particularly these taken in africa and this shot from china. some are calling them, at best, culturally insensitive. >> for me the african picture was the most offensive because it played on some of the most old and stereo typical images. it showed the african as primitive. >> reporter: on the website "jezebel," the editor is also critical, writing using people of color as background or extras is a popular fashion trope, but it's very distasteful. people are not props. one of the models talks about her shoot on the website. >> it was such a cool experience, something completely different than anything i've ever seen or someone i've met in my life. >> reporter: some people we spoke with didn't see a problem with the photos. >> as a traveler myself, i love seeing these places and cultures. so it's great. >> reporter: proving once again that controversy, just like b d beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. >> some things are important, some things are not. come on, now. the swimsuit -- oh, yeah. >> in your element. >> that was the greatest assignment i ever had. >> this
increased their patrols in the area. >>> and you've probably heard of a bull in a china shop, but how about a horse in a bike shop. it happened near los angeles, the horse got a little spooked and ran away from its train rer and right into a -- trainer and right into a bike shop. about 45 bikes were damaged and the horse suffered minor cuts but no one else or anything else was injured. >> look at all the damage there. >>> 5:20, ladies, danica patrick making nascar history. >> and going for number 3, the east takes on the west in the nba all star game. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. ♪ yeeeowwww! ♪ ♪ hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ you're a hot kind of love you set me on fire ♪ ♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the
-877-662-776. for free transcript or to give us your comments, visit us at qanda.org. >> the communism of china that is basically communism enabled me these days. it does preserve the power of the members of the communist power -- city but they threw it aside when he opened the country of and now has become -- now has become a capitalist haven. they talk a great we about to this, but it is all about preserving the party's power economically as the country continues to grow, because they threw aside most aspects of communism to a great time ago. north korea is all about preserving the power of the military and the kim dynasty. again, it really has nothing to do with what karl marx it visited as communism way back. someone could do a fascinating book about how and a move to agent it diverged. it is an absolutely fascinating split that occurred. >> harvard fellow keith richard burke of 34 years of reporting and insights from around the world. next sunday at 8:00 on c-span q&a. >> next, your calls and comments. live at 2:00, c-span begins its new series. first ladies, influence and image with a dis
believe the chinese are the most hyper ambassador of any in china today. so popular that some members of the current think he is -- the chinese government thinks he's too popular. and he's a good friend of terri's, and also of mind. so i would hope to see more of that going forward. >> at the time of the formation of the euro, the three-tier euro was considered but not adopted. and an unfortunate result of this has been the mediterranean countries so largely dependent on tourism has become -- they are really not competitive. is it time to reconsider the three-tier euro in that important affair would be a very substantial devaluation of the mediterranean countries, and that should result in job growth, economic growth simply from increased tourism? >> i think it's fair to say that historically, i talk about latin america, and als also about the asian financial crisis, korea, as an example, indonesia also, is that one of the great age they had was the ability to devalue. and what do we have? we have euro at one of its strong points today, which is one of the reasons why i'm an advocate
a close eye on that one. china, the weather is looking dry and fine. vietnam should be fine. myanmar about 36 degrees. across asia we should cn improvement in the weather. we had some unseasonal rain the but last -- in the last two days. still some parts of rain in time of not it -- tamil nadu. rest of the region is looking drive. -- the rest of the region is looking drive. -- dry. >> you are with the al jazeera newshour. protests taking place across pakistan after the killing of members of the shia community. the attack claimed more than 80 lives. protesters have given authorities 48 hours to catch the attackers. ecuador's president rafael correa has attached -- secured a third term, declaring victory in the presidential elections. early results gave him 57% of the vote. conservative islamic opposition group has called for more protests in bangladesh in response to a government decision to amend the war crimes law to allow prosecutors to appeal a life sentence handed down to an opposition leader. you meet white house memos reveal plans to give illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. it
atraveso medio mundo, s desde china al sur de calif california. >>>p rohbabrobablemente para n u uno de los llmamados hoteles d p parto que se multiplican por todo el paÍs. >>> madres, en su mayorÍa, as t asiatcicas, invierten enormes n can cantidades de dinero. >>> pÁgina go como 30 mil, ellÁ para tener asunto su bebÉ. >>> investigadores nos confirman que el negocio es muy grande. >>> es en efectivo, sÍ, no hay n nada de creÉditos. >>>e sta casa parece ser una r s re residencia mÁs de los angeles, pero funciona como anuncio unati maternidad clandestina. >>> la casa es de 6 recÁmaras y ahora son 17 cuartos con 17 ba o baÑos. >>> los inesspectores descubrien que nen esta residencia se podÍn alojar hasta 2' 0 mujeres embarazadas. >>> para tgragragravar la situ c construyeron 17 baÑos que cre o crearon serios problemas de sa u salubridad, el rtanque septico u supero su capacidad >>> han encontrado plancenta y ademÁs de una pallacenta >>> des un suprervisor del condo de el1, llos Ángeles, la mÁxi u autoridad polÍtica del distrito y ha iniciado una investigaciÓn contra
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